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Mýa Open (Solo Mix)

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Mýa - Open (Solo Mix)
Mýa - Open (Solo Mix)
Mýa - Open (Solo Mix)
Текст песни Mýa - Open (Solo Mix)
Oh baby

Verse 1:
So sweet to me
Caramel, chocolate to me
Damn, I let it get to me
You really shouldn't mean shit to me, but
Oh, you’re so lit to me, love
A little more than legit to me, love
Good fit, we could paint a perfect picture
That’s why I really feelin' different when I’m witcha
I ain’t the same, no I ain’t the same
I had to switch up, all in your lane
You got me mixed up, all in the brain
Oh, feel like I’m fallin’ on you, aw babe
My homegirl lookin’ at me like a loss
Caught up in ya, I'm in love, won't cut me off
I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
You the plug, you the plug, you the plug
You’re like a drug, like a drug, like a drug
No control, no control, no control
(Learnin’ to love it, learnin’ to love it, learnin’ to love it)

Feelin’ that emotion
Boy, you got me open
Feelin’ that emotion
Boy, you got me open

Verse 2:
Right, what a time, what a time
My newest chick bad, and she really in her prime
Best thing about her is she agin' with the time
I can’t say her name, but when you see her, know she mine
That ass like wo, her love like wo
Haven’t been back, and I meant to took her home
Took her to the Y, took her down to pho
Every I hit her phone, she don’t leave me ‘lone
Some call her a legend, some call her a god
I just call her baby and she call me Daddy Gold
And that’s just how it goes, and I get it, how I live
And I ain’t never trippin’ if a woman want the best
And if she want a kid, I ain’t even flinchin’
‘Cause trust me I’ma give your ass a hundred when I’m finished
Yes, she know the business and she really independent
But I’m tryna be the only young nigga who can get it
Fuck them niggas, man, yeah

It’s so right
It’s so-oh-oh right, yeah
Ahh, you know that it’s right
(If you look in my eyes, you’ll see what I see)
You know like I know
(If you look in my eyes, you’ll see what I see)
Should know better
(If you look in my eyes, you’ll see what I see)
You should know that I'm

Feelin’ that emotion
Boy, you got me open

Ooh, so real, so real, so
We should go out on a limb
Roll through the city at 10
I do not love all of them
I keep it movin’ witchu ‘cause you got what I need and you know what it is
(Boy, you got me open)
Oh, two mo' hits ‘fore I lift off
In my feelings, got a bad bih feelin'
The whole world, let them all talk
‘Cause when they see us, they gon’ already feel it
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